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Advanced IT Training For Working IT Professionals

Rapidsoft Systems Training specializes in instructor-led IT training. Our classes are designed to help IT professionals build the skills and knowledge they need to administer networks and advance their careers. Through a combination of lectures and labs, we offer the comprehensive training solutions that individuals and companies need to enhance their IT skills, improve their IT departments, and offer new or upgraded services to customers. Our training programs are designed to help IT professionals maintain or upgrade certification levels, improve the skills needed to excel on the job and advance in their careers.

As technology changes, the need for employees with job skills to match the transformation is increasing. IT professionals are needed to adequately plan, build, and run the network. Skilled employees can improve overall productivity and efficiency and can also bring a higher return on technology investments. One of the best ways to acquire the necessary networking skills to achieve these gains is through hands-on training by experts.

Rapidsoft Systems is a an installer and developer of network and security tools, which means that we provide the most current, accurate curriculum and training needed to pass today's rigorous IT certification exams. Headquartered in Princeton Jct, New Jersey, we offer courses at our location, on-site at your location and live-online.

IT professionals can benefit from IT training by adding new skills, keeping existing skills up to date, standing out in the job marketplace, and having the potential to earn higher wages. Certifications, the end result of a successful Rapidsoft Systems Training class, are industry-recognized validations of technical skills and knowledge.

Our goal at Rapidsoft Systems Training is to teach the IT professionals who attend our classes the most up-to-date information they need to know to help them successfully earn certifications, run a network and perform other technical duties required of them.

Our Security Training Program

Our highly noted training courses related to IT security and IP networking for IT professionals are designed for experienced IT professional. These courses are designed for specific competencies critical to meeting demand for IT security skills that align with evolving roles, technologies and business requirements. There is a significant need to upgrade these skills if companies are to avoid data breaches and safeguard their data centers and networks from determined hackers.

Partial List of Courses Made Available

New security courses offered are :

  • Security Technology Models & Architecture
  • Security Management Practice
  • Network Security & Intrusion Detection
  • Access Control, Firewalls & Intrusion Detection Technologies
  • Incident Response Best Practices
  • IT Security Defense Countermeasures
  • IP Security, Firewalls & VPN Technology
  • IT Security System Audits
  • IT Security Risk Assessment
  • IT Security Policies
  • Disaster Recovery & Continuity Planning
  • Computer Forensics
  • Forensic Data Recovery Technology
  • Information Warfare
  • Data Mining Technology for Security
  • Public Key Infrastructure Technology
  • Wireless and Mobile Security
  • Network Auditing Tools
  • Applied Cryptography
  • Commerce & Web Security Technology
  • Ethical Hacking
Networking Monitoring Security Training

IT Security Training

Courses Designed By True Security Experts and Researchers

All Rapidsoft Systems’ training programs and courses are designed and delivered under the expert guidance of Brijesh Kumar, Ph.D., an internationally recognized network security researcher and a former professor of Cyber Security at a major US research university. Dr. Kumar formerly led research in IP networking, mobile communications and IT security at major technology companies such as Motorola and Panasonic Corporations and is a member of technical review panels for many professional IEEE and ACM conferences/ journals.

Courses Offered At your Site

The combination of new security threats, regulatory compliance mandates, and the need to protect customer and organizational data requires continuous vigilance and trained manpower. However, most IT departments are ill equipped due to the lack of proper training in the security technologies. The increasing complexity of networks, data centers and new emerging technologies make it harder for busy professionals to keep up-to-date. With the emergence of mobility, social networking, voice, video, virtualization and cloud computing, it is becoming very difficult to safeguard critical infrastructure against very determined adversaries. The only way to manage risks is to be better prepared.

Why Rapidsoft Systems Training?

  • Expert instructors with Ph.Ds from the top educational institutions of the world.
  • Updated training—Courses are regularly updated to cover the latest product and technology updates as well as exam changes.
  • Proven instructional design methodology—students learn new and complex subjects in a format that allows for concepts to be retained.
  • Firm schedules provided.. On-site or of-site Tra8ining provided.
  • One-on-one attention
  • State of the art equipment— All courses are Hands-on.
  • Rapidsoft Systems Uses Cisco Routers and Advance NetSim network simulators with practice tests for exams included with CCENT, CCNA and CCNP, Security_, CIISSP etc.
  • Guidance to take testing for any of the certification exam.
  • Located Conveniently in Princeton, New Jerssey

An expert at Rapidsoft Systems can answer all the above questions and help your company assess your risks and create an effective policy for your organization.

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How do I get started?

To learn more about how a TotalCare 360® IT managed services plan can help support and grow your business, please call 1-609-439-4775 and / or fill out our contact form. You can be sure that a member of our managed IT services consulting teams will be happy to assist you.