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Data Back Up and Disaster Recovery

There is nothing more crucial to the health of your computing environment than a solid backup and disaster recovery solution. Rapidsoft Systems is well-versed in designing and implementing multi-tiered backup systems for any budget. Our backup solutions can include any or all of these technologies:

Planning for Disaster Recovery

Server crashes can affect any business, and can stem from such mundane causes as human error, power outage and hardware failure. A local backup or off-site cloud storage solution may provide some relief in the form of simple recovery of files, folder, and email data, but may be insufficient to address total server loss.

Regulatory Requirements For Data Protection

An increasing number of federal and state regulations require organizations to ensure that proper information management procedures are implemented. The legal system today expects that businesses be able to locate and present vital information. For those who cannot retrieve relevant data, consequences can include substantial penalties and fees - not to mention, damage to your company's reputation. Consider the implications for your business if essential financial and customer data is lost and cannot be recovered. Rapidsoft Systems offers both local and remote back-up options to ensure your data is safeguarded and available at all times.

For an enterprise solution that provides comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity even in the event of total server failure, consider Rapidsoft Systems for planning Backup Servers.

  • Fault tolerance and RAID technology
  • On-premise backup hardware/software
  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Storage area network (SAN)
  • Cloud storage and backup
  • Hybrid on-site/cloud solutions
  • 24/7 hardware monitoring
  • Scheduled disaster recovery testing
  • Virtualization & High Availability

Networking Monitoring services

Recovering from an Incident or Disaster

As part of your move to Rapidsoft Systems’s Backup for Servers solution, our dedicated team of backup and cloud data experts will set up, configure and monitor your backup. In the event that your organization needs to recover from a disaster or data loss we will quickly and effectively restore your data. In the event that your primary servers are unavailable and our service has been used to temporarily replace them either locally or in the cloud, changes to your environment are synchronized back to your original servers when they become available again.

Insure Your Data is Protected

Data has been called the "heart of the enterprise." Statistics show that businesses that lose their data are out of business within a year. A scary statistic that is wholly preventable. You wouldn't think twice about not insuring your place of business. Insure that your data is protected as well.

Local Back-Up Solutions:

Through local image back-up your operating system, applications and databases will be backed up on a regular and reported basis to a server or other on-site back-up hardware, making data recovery easier and faster.

Remote Back-Up Solutions

Rapidsoft Systems can also provide solutions for off-site back-up to protect recovery experiences in case a disaster occurs at your primary site. Our remote online data back-up software will automatically encrypt and send your data to an off-site location, so that you can be up and running quickly. Both our local and remote back-up solutions come with protection for your Windows servers, on-site workstations and all mobile devices.

Disaster Recovery Goes Beyond Backups

The typical disaster recovery discussion begins when a client questions the reliability of their backup solution and their ability to recover from any IT failure. Once you have a stable backup system and process in place, it's time to consider the full scope of disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are connected, related concepts but examine different aspects of dealing with an interruption to your business:

Disaster recovery addresses: IF the worst happens, what solutions do you have in place so your business CAN resume? Business continuity asks: WHEN the worst happens, do you have redundant systems, processes and services to ensure operations continue WHILE a recovery takes place?

Getting Started with Disaster Recovery Planning

Most organizations recognize that Disaster Recovery Planning is critical to the survival of their organization. However, because of its complexity, they struggle with knowing where to start. Just like with emergency preparedness for natural disasters, experts tells us being prepared is simply the only option. And, they emphasize that starting right away is better than doing nothing at all.

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How do I get started?

To learn more about how a TotalCare 360® IT managed services plan can help support and grow your business, please call 1-609-439-4775 and / or fill out our contact form. You can be sure that a member of our managed IT services consulting teams will be happy to assist you.